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Listing ID: 3235
Property Type: Villas / Townhouses
Property for: Sale
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Country: Egypt
Governorate: Cairo
City: New Cairo
Sub(area/destrict): Westown
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Additional features
Date of completion: 1970-01-01
View: Greens view
Real Estate License: Resdential License
Location and nearby facilities:
Eastown is strategically situated on Road 90, immediately adjacent to the American University in Cairo’s
new campus, a short drive from Cairo International Airport and in the midst of the flourishing communities
of New Cairo and Kattameya.

Eastown’s Residential Neighborhood : Eastwon Residence
Eastown’s gated residential neighborhood, bringing
together themed gardens, parks, and open green spaces

Eastown’s Commercial Neighbourhood :
Eastown Hub : Whether relaxing, shopping or socializing, Eastown
Hub helps you make the most of life.
Eastown Square : Eastown’s urban landmark where groundbreaking
architecture meets intuitive master-planning. Eastown
Square is the perfect mix of business and leisure.


With its location and product offering Eastown will become New Cairo’s neighbourhood of Choice :

Built on 860,000 square meters of land, twice the size of London’s Canary Wharf
Eastown will provide premium residential, retail and office space while offering the
best in shopping and entertainment.
Here residents retail staff and office employees can enjoy a vibrant environment where
buildings are integrated into the landscape, where traffic is kept to a minimum and the air is clean.

Eastown is strategically situated in New Cairo :

Road 90, immediately adjacent to new campus of the American University in Cairo’s
and near Cairo International Airport.
Eastown will become the vibrant hub of the New Cairo District and becouse Eastwon is
Just a 20 minutes drive away from Cairo International airport , resident and business people
with an international element in their lifestyle will feel right of home

The Formula Behind A Mixed -Use Community :

The mix of uses and services the range, of residential optian and the ability to walk and cycle
as part of daily life , all make for a more sustainable , greener living

Throughout history human settlements have tended to evolve as mixed-use environments.
Walking was always the primary means of transportation.
People lived and worked in the same areas. These principles have been adapted to Eastown.
Residents will have the benefit of being able to walk short distances to do their shopping,
go to work or watch a movie. Instead of being segregated, neighbourhoods will combine
 all aspects of life. The development of Eastown involved extensive research by planners,
architects and landscapers. By translating these findings into the design of Eastown,
we are creating a community that integrates life, work and recreation.

Eastown is a gated development of contemporarybuildings , beautifully landscaped piazzas and parks :

Eastown is structured around two axes; the residential Green Spineand the
Commercial SpineThe Green Spine runs through theheart of Eastown’s residential area.
A jogging path winds its way throughthis area, linking the residential and
commercial neighborhoods. From the outset, Eastown was planned to offer flexibility
and diversity. The east end of town will be predominately commercial;
 it will be clusteredaround the Commercial Spine’s shopping,
cafés, restaurants andnightlife. The calmer residential districts are overlooking
parks andtree-lined pedestrian spaces.

Shops, boutiques, cafés and restaurants:

At the center of Eastown’s commercial area is Eastown Hub. It will house designer names,
 lifestyle shops and gourmet delicatessens. Eastown Hub is home to some of Cairo’s
finest restaurants and cafes. Set amongst pedestrian friendly, landscaped squares and
embellished with serene fountains and beautiful greenery, where could be better to have
a small family retreat or catch up with friends and colleagues. Top brands and small
boutiques are here too, as are vibrant nightspots and relaxing, shaded courtyards.

With its strategic location, Eastown is set to become New Cairo’s preferred business location :

Eastown Square will house a thriving business community that will service the surrounding areas.
As anyone who has worked in Cairo knows, this variety of flexibility is in huge demand. The business
district will feature ‘Class A’ offices catering to all types of businesses, from global corporations to
start-ups.Here, an office designed around your company’s needs is more than simple wishful thinking.
 But for a more economic approach, large numbers of office floors will be available for purchase or lease;
 an ideal alternative for small outfits.

In addition, Eastown’s proximity to the Cairo International Airport, universities and educational institutes
alike means it is uniquely placed to facilitate internships, business training and exchange programs
between the academic and business worlds. Being at the heart of many academic institutions, Eastown
Square will act as a bridge between academic and business communities.
All offices offer abundant parking; with secure car parks, getting to and from meetings will be refreshingly
easy for on-the-go executives. With its strategic location, Eastown is set tobecome New Cairo’s
preferred business location.

Enjoy life every way you want:

Residents and visitors of Eastown will be able to take their pick from some of Egypt’s best cafés,
restaurants and entertainment venues. To keep fit, health clubs, spas and acres of green space
will come in handy. There are also art and cultural centres to explore. Fun, adventure and sheer
joy of a life lived outdoors is not to be underestimated when it comes to peace of mind. For
 nightlife and festivities head to Eastown Hub, where cafés, lounges and restaurants
will hum with activity day and night.

Urban Living Redefined :

The heart of Eastown’s vision is to provide its residents with contemporary living spaces that are safe, functional,
attractive and within easy reach of urban essentials. Eastown Residences is Eastown’s purely gated residential neighborhood. The homes harness the beauty of their surroundings, while reflecting the overall sense of
community suited for people with different needs, tastes and lifestyles. This is where the vibrancy of city life
meets the calm retreat of suburban living, bringing together themed gardens, parks, and open green spaces,
set in a secured community.

Eastown will offer Apartments, Duplexes, Town homes and Villas. Elegantly styled and supplied with
the latest fittings, they will look out over tree-lined streets, parks and courtyards.
This gated neighborhood  has its own distinctive charm and character- one can live in a home
overlooking Eastown Square, or for a slower-paced lifestyle, retreat to the elegant homes near the
AUC campus where children can
freely play in the parks or cycle on the lanes that wind around the
whole neighborhood. One can enjoy an urban lifestyle only a few minutes’ walk from the world-class
shopping facilities and business district. Families will appreciate Eastown’s safe environment, clean air
and wideopen spaces, coupled with a host of recreational and educational facilities,
health clubs, spas, pools and playgrounds.

Spoilt for choice

Conceptualized with your family in mind the homes at Eastown Residences are designed in response
to not only a want but a need for gated homes that offer intelligent use of space, security and proximity
to a surrounding community. You are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting one of our
seven home designs some even with options for facade designs.


Additional features:
  1. Accounting
  2. Airport
  3. Amusement Park
  4. Aquarium
  5. Art Gallery
  6. Bakery
  7. Bank / ATM
  8. Beauty Salon
  9. Bicycles Store
  10. Books Store
  11. Bowling Alley
  12. Bus Station
  13. Cafe
  14. Cars Dealer
  15. Cars Rental
  16. Cars Repair
  17. Cars Wash
  18. Cemetery
  19. Church
  20. Cinema
  21. City Hall
  22. Clothing Store
  23. Convenience Store
  24. Courthouse
  25. Dentist
  26. Department Store
  27. Doctor
  28. Electrician
  29. Electronics Store
  30. Embassy
  31. Establishment
  32. Finance
  33. Fire Station
  34. Florist
  35. Food
  36. Funeral Home
  37. Furniture Store
  38. Gas Station
  39. General Contractor
  40. Grocery or Supermarket
  41. Gym
  42. Hair Care
  43. Hardware Store
  44. Health
  45. Home Goods Store
  46. Hospital
  47. Hotel
  48. Insurance Agency
  49. Jewelry Store
  50. Laundry
  51. Lawyer
  52. Library
  53. Local Government Office
  54. Locksmith
  55. Metro
  56. Mosque
  57. Movie Rental
  58. Moving Company
  59. Museum
  60. Painter
  61. Park
  62. Parking
  63. Pet Store
  64. Pharmacy
  65. Physiotherapist
  66. Plumber
  67. Police
  68. Post Office
  69. Real Estate Agency
  70. Restaurant / Take Away
  71. Roofing Contractor
  72. School
  73. Shoe Store
  74. Shopping Mall
  75. Spa
  76. Stadium
  77. Store
  78. Taxi Stand
  79. Train Station
  80. Travel Agency
  81. University
  82. Veterinary Care
  83. Zoo
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